Innovative Policy Research for Economic Growth

Vision and purposes and purposes of IPREG

Such policies are currently present in all EU countries and, as IPREG research shows, their costs are considerable. Nevertheless the topic has stimulated comparatively little empirical research. So, after decades of local, regional, national and EUwide initiatives, a public support “industry” has emerged that facilitates start-ups, mitigates market failures and seeks to commercialise innovation and research. The scale and impact of this “industry” requires a deeper understanding and assessment than has taken place to date.

IPREG (Innovative Policy Research for Economic Growth) seeks to undertake research on efficient entrepreneurship and innovation policies leading to sustainable economic growth in Europe as a whole, and in its constituent regions. IPREG aims to bridge the current gap between research and policy through its “network of networks” of researchers working closely with policy makers, service providers and entrepreneurs – the IPREG triangle shown below.

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