Published 18 September 2012

Rural Housing

– Systems and structures in Norway, Sweden and Finland

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official body for co-operation between the Nordic governments. The Council of Ministers has committees of officials that specialise in a range of areas. One of these, the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy (EK-R), has initiated the formation of a working group, “Framtidens landsbygder” (Future Rural Areas) with Sweden as its chair. The aim is to exchange experiences and increase the level of knowledge about issues that affect the development and growth of rural areas in a Nordic context. Seminars, analyses and knowledge compilation are some of the tasks of the working group.

The working group has tasked the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Growth analysis) with conducting a study on housing in Nordic rural areas. Sadly, after some consideration, Denmark declined to participate for reasons of resources. The study thus covers Norway, Sweden and Finland.