Foreign controlled enterprises in Sweden, 2011

More than 14 000 foreign controlled enterprises in Sweden.

Foreign control of enterprises increased in Sweden with 414 enterprises in 2011. After the increase there are more than 14 000 foreign controlled enterprises in Sweden. The number of employees in the foreign controlled enterprises increased with 40 710 persons, which was a increase with 7 percent compared to last year’s investigation. In total, there was 14 041 foreign controlled enterprises with 631 014 employees in 2011.

Dutch ownership increases

The Netherlands was the country that accounted for the largest increase of foreign controlled enterprises in Sweden. The increase of the Netherlands ownership between 2010 and 2011 was 245 enterprises. The next largest increase had Switzerland with 49 enterprises. Norway is the country that controls the largest amount of enterprises in Sweden (2 224 enterprises), followed by and Denmark (1 458 enterprises) and USA (1 299 enterprises). The biggest controlling country with regard to the number of employees is USA with 72 510 employees. The Netherlands and Germany follow next with 69 681 and 66 395 employees, respectively.

Foreign ownership is concentrated to the big city regions

Foreign ownership is continued to be concentrated to the big city regions. Out of the total number of foreign owned establishments in Sweden, 34 percent were located in Stockholm county, 16 per cent in Västra Götaland county and 15 percent in Skåne county. The largest increases occurred in Stockholm and Skåne counties, the number increased with 422 and 235 establishments, respectively.

A few large enterprises provide most employment

Of the foreign controlled enterprises in 2011, 88 percent were small with fewer than 50 employees in Sweden. These enterprises, however, accounted only for 12 per cent of employees in foreign controlled enterprises. Large enterprises with 250 or more employees accounted for 3 per cent of all foreign controlled enterprises, but their share of employment was 67 per cent of all employees in foreign controlled enterprises. This has remained largely unchanged compared to previous years. The smaller foreign controlled enterprises had a larger proportion of their employees within the service sector compared to the large foreign controlled enterprises, which were more evenly distributed between manufacturing industry and the service sector.

Foreign controlled enterprises in Sweden, 2011

Serial number: Statistics 2012:03

Reference number: 2012/168

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