Follow-up newly-started enterprises in Sweden 2008

The number of companies still operating of the 57,000 start-ups in 2008 was just over 39,000. The proportion of surviving companies, or the survival rate, was 68 per cent. This was the same as in the follow-up survey of companies set up in 2005.

Three years after start-up in 2008, 79 per cent of the limited companies were still operating, which was a higher pro­portion than for other legal entities. The sur­vival rate among private businesses was 65 per cent while 55 per cent of partnerships and limited partner­ships were still in business three years after they began operating.

Distributed by gender ratio in the management team, the survival rate was 63 per cent for companies set up by one or more women and 70 per cent for companies set up by one or more men.

Distributed by county, the 2008 start-ups with the highest survival rate after three years were located in Norrbotten and Östergötland with survival rates of 74 per cent and 72 per cent, respectively.

The survey also included some questions about the future of the companies. In answer to the question about how they viewed the future of their company in general over the next three years, 31 per cent of the respondents said that they believed the company would grow and 32 per cent believed the company would remain at its present size. The highest proportion of business-owners who believed their company would grow was in manufac­turing with 34% and the smallest in transportation and communication with 25 per cent.

Of the surviving companies in 2011, 12 per cent were prepared to increase the company’s loans to make it possible to grow. The same proportion of business-owners were prepared to take in new part-owners to make it possible to grow. 30 per cent were positive or very positive to expanding the workforce if they saw an opportunity to increase the company’s sales, while 39 per cent were prepared to keep their company small even if opportunities existed for it to grow.

Follow-up newly-started enterprises in Sweden 2008

Serial number: Statistics 2013:01

Reference number: 2012/126

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