State aid

Properly functioning markets are one of the driving factors behind sustainable economic growth. Through properly functioning markets, society's resources are steered towards the most efficient production without too many resources being consumed by the market's own mechanisms. Where efficient enterprises are allowed to drive out less efficient ones the consequence is that there are more resources over which is also called growth.

Modest use of state aid for enterprise contributes to properly functioning markets. State aid risks affecting production so that it is not performed in the most efficient way which, in the long term, is negative for consumers. In today's globalised world these consumers may be found in all corners of the world. A restrictive view of state aid is therefore an important feature both nationally and internationally. It is for this reason that the WTO and the EU have rules on state aid which limit the freedom of action of member states in the area of state aid.

Growth Analysis and state aid

Growth Analysis assists the government offices in monitoring state aid in Sweden. We administer the systems used in Sweden for the yearly reporting of aid and for the continual transparency publications of granted aid.

For the moment we have no more information regarding state aid or our role in regards to it translated to English on our website. Please see the website of the European Commission for state aid External link. for more information regarding state aid, and please contact us if you want for more information in English about our role in regards to it,