International enterprises

Growth Analysis is responsible government authority for official statistics on International enterprises. The surveys include Foreign Controlled Enterprises in Sweden, Swedish Enterprise Groups with Affiliates Abroad and Research and Development in International Enterprises. 

International collaboration 

Within the area of International enterprises, Growth Analysis takes an active role in both work groups and expert groups in order to develop harmonised methods as well as to improve data quality. This international statistical co-operation aims to strengthen the worldwide statistics system, enhance access to harmonised and comparable statistics of high quality and to provide a forum for learning from one another. This work takes place both within European Commission (Eurostat), OECD and UNCTAD.

Guidelines for international harmonised statistics:

OECD, Handbook on Economic Globalisation Indicators 
OECD, Frascati Manual 
EU Commission, Manual on FATS

According to an EU Regulation, (Regulation of the Parliament and of the Council on Community Statistics on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates (EC) No 716/2007) it is compulsorily for the respondents and the member states to deliver certain statistics on international business to Eurostat.