The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Growth Analysis) is the official provider of statistics on start-ups of new firms, bankruptcies, and the internationalisation of the Swedish business sector including foreign controlled enterprises in Sweden and Swedish controlled enterprise groups with subsidiaries abroad. Growth Analysis publishes data for numerous users inside and outside Sweden.

Growth Analysis is responsible for parts of the Swedish official statistics and other public statistics related to the business sector. Official statistics are statistics that are produced according to the statistical act and ordinance and published as required by official regulations.

Official Statistics of Sweden

Sweden’s Official Statistics (SOS) are statistics that are particularly important for describing Sweden. Official statistics contribute to the development of our society by being objective and relevant, which benefits citizens.

Growth analysis has been tasked by the Government to be responsible for the official statistics within Swedish business sector. As a government agency responsible for statistics, we are responsible for ensuring that

  • the statistics are objective;
  • the statistics are documented; and
  • the statistics are accompanied by a quality declaration.

Official statistics must be kept publicly available free of charge on the internet. All official statistics must bear the text Sweden’s official statistics and/or carry the logo.

SOS logotyp engelsk

Government agency network

There are about thirty government agencies in Sweden who are responsible for the official tatistics. Statistics Sweden is responsible for coordinating and supporting the system for official statistics.

To read more about what constitutes official statistics and which government agencies form part of the network, visit Statistics Sweden’s website: External link.



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